The performance benefits of our ECOCLEAN® range for mining applications

The heavy-duty diesel engines typically used in today’s mining industry are complex machines that generate high temperatures and pressures. When paired with basic untreated diesel, mine operators often experience a range of issues with their equipment, ranging from loss of power and poor fuel economy, to difficult starting, rough running, increased exhaust emissions and unexpected repair costs.

The problem is that basic untreated diesel fuels become thermally stressed and unstable in these type of engines. This causes fuel to break down and create a black soot-like material. These deposits quickly accumulate in the fuel system resulting in injector failures, filter plugging, loss of power, poor fuel economy and premature wear.

Under these conditions, carefully engineered engine components may no longer work as intended and the fuel is not atomised correctly. Deposits left on injector nozzles lead to loss of power and increased fuel consumption. Deposits on the inside of the injectors create difficulties with engine starting and running. These deposits also get returned to the saddle tank via the return fuel line. This circulates dirty fuel throughout the fuel system, causing premature fuel filter plugging.

Innospec was the first company to develop and patent ECOCLEAN® fuel additive technology. This high-performance diesel fuel additive can improve fuel economy, minimise equipment downtime and cut emissions. It has been specially designed to meet the demands of diesel engines in heavy-duty mining equipment.

innospec chemist

The ECOCLEAN® range works by stabilising diesel fuel so it can withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures of today’s fuel injection systems. Advanced diesel detergents and antifoulants create a powerful formula that is effective at removing and preventing deposits on both the injector tips and inside the injectors. It cleans the fuel system and returns an engine to an ‘as new’ condition, preventing injector failure.

Injector nozzel without ECOCLEAN


Injector nozzel with ECOCLEAN


Injector spray penetration without ECOCLEAN


Injector spray penetration with ECOCLEAN


The benefits of using ECOCLEAN® products can be summarised as improved fuel economy, lower fuel bills, smooth reliable running, less chance of equipment failure and downtime, less maintenance costs, and reduced emissions. Over the years we have conducted numerous field trials to demonstrate how ECOCLEAN® performs in real-world applications. As well as working in partnership with multiple mines all over the world, we have assisted large trucking companies in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, and Asia. These trials confirm that using ECOCLEAN® results in an improvement in fuel economy by 5% or more, enhanced maintenance cycles and reduced equipment downtime by up to 50%. The trials also demonstrate an 18% reduction in vehicular CO emissions, alongside a 39% drop in particulate matter output. Contact us for more information on the specific results of our field trials and to discuss how we can create the best fuel for your mining application. Complete the form below and we will call you to discuss your specific requirements.

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