Cold Flow Improvers

Improved Performance at Low Temperatures

Normal paraffins can comprise up to 20 percent of a typical diesel fuel and up to 35 percent in many heavy oil streams. Blending with biodiesel or renewable diesel can increase the wax content and increase the complexity of the paraffin distribution.

These paraffins are among the least soluble constituents in a fuel and can precipitate out of fuel as crystals as the temperature of the fuel decreases. If left untreated, these wax crystals grow and agglomerate which can lead to a number of operability and handling concerns, including blocked fuel lines and filters.

Innospec’s next generation cold flow improvers (CFIs) offer a cost effective and reliable means of improving the low temperature operability of diesel fuels and heavy oils.

Low Temperature Issues

The low temperature performance of diesel fuels and heavy oils can be characterized by these properties:

  • Cloud Point: The temperature at which wax crystals are first visible
  • Pour Point: The lowest temperature at which fuel will flow
  • Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP): An indication of vehicle low temperature operability
  • Low Temperature Flow Test (LTFT): An alternative, more conservative indication of vehicle low temperature operability
  • Wax Settling: Settling of precipitated wax during extended storage

Innospec’s line of cold flow improvers has products which can address all of these key areas.

Innospec Additive Solutions in Action

Innospec Cloud Point Depressants solubilize paraffin nuclei as they begin to crystallize from the fuel – lowering the fuel’s cloud point.

Innospec Pour Point Depressants modify paraffin crystals’ growth as they precipitate. This means that fuel can be cooled to lower temperatures before it gels.

Innospec CFPP and LTFT additives ensure smaller crystals and prevent agglomeration of these crystals in middle distillates. These crystals have a much lower tendency to block fuel lines and filters.

Innospec Wax Anti-Settling Additives (WASA) inhibit the settling of wax at cold temperatures. Keeping the wax dispersed throughout the fuel reduces the likelihood of pumping and vehicle failures.

In addition, Innospec offers fully formulated cold flow improver packages that ensure your fuel is fit-for-purpose in a variety of on-road and off-road applications.

Working Together for Optimal Performance

At Innospec, we believe collaboration with our customers is the best path for mutual success. CFI performance is highly dependent on the properties of the fuel being treated and on the application for which the fuel is intended. Innospec takes a holistic approach to ensure additive solutions are tailored to meet your goals and requirements. Our global network of state of the art laboratories and top notch researchers give us the ability to formulate for almost any scenario. From refiners to fleets, from crude oil to diesel fuel, please contact us to learn more about how Innospec can help you improve performance, reliability, and your bottom line.