Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion affects almost every part of a well’s lifecycle. Innospec Oilfield Services offers a variety of water-soluble and oil soluble corrosion inhibitors that are specially designed for use in wellbore stimulation, workover and production operations. This suite of chemistries is designed to protect the operators’ assets from aggressive forms of H2S, CO2,and general corrosion that is common to the oil and gas industry.

CSW™ Triple Combination Water Soluble Corrosion / Scale Inhibitor / Iron Control Solutions /strong>
Innospec Oilfield Services first introduced its’ product line of triple combinations in 2020. Available in thirty-five different formulations, CSW Tri-Combo Series products are synergistic blends of water-soluble corrosion inhibitors, broad spectrum scale inhibitors, and surfactants. All are specifically formulated to help prevent corrosion issues, inhibit carbonate, and sulfate scales in producing oil and gas wells. In addition, CSW products include a proprietary chemistry that works as an iron chelant that since 2020 has proven to be effective against iron precipitation/fouling.

Recently, a North Louisiana operator was experiencing 400-500 ppm of iron in their Lower Cotton Valley formation well. The current treatment plan included pumping acid to lower the pH in order to get the iron back into the solution. But serious corrosion problems persisted, and the system water was about zero pH. In addition, the client was trucking off two loads of water daily, changing the filter 3-5 times every 24 hours, and having to repeatedly clean out their sludge tanks. All this, along with having emulsion issues.

Innospec’s proposed solution was their CSW™ Triple Combo Series, a 3-in-1 synergistic blend designed to treat corrosion, scale and iron issues simultaneously— thereby providing treatment at a lower, more cost-efficient dosage. The proposed solution was presented to the operator and within a month Innospec began topside testing

By implementing the CSW Triple Combo treatment plan—which incorporated everything from initial modeling and testing to final implementation—the operator increased water disposal by 100% and reduced the synthetic acid injection rate by 80%. Doing this meant the operator was also able to cut operational costs by lowering treatment rates.

  • Extra 260 barrels of water per day was returned into customer-owned SWD well
  • Previous chemical provider had had to haul off two loads of water per day
  • Total injection rate of 19 gallons a day versus 95 gallons per day from previous provider
  • CSW treatment was far more efficient and cost effective
  • Solution successfully maintained asset integrity

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