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Ananya S.

Ananya S.

College / Degree:
Vanderbilt University; Human and Organizational Development and Neuroscience double major.

What was your title and primary responsibilities?
Intern; I have been working with the Human Resources department on a project regarding career ladder development and position management for Innospec (OFS, FS, PC).

What has been/was the most rewarding part of your internship? What have you learned?
The most rewarding part of my internship experience has been understanding the longer term impact my work can have on the department as a whole and how it is beneficial. I have learned that there is always room for improvement and optimization in every task to maximize efficiency and impact.

How has your internship prepared you for entering the job market?
My internship has prepared me for entering the job market by allowing me to understand the long term goals and actions that accompany the daily responsibilities of a workplace.

What advice/tips do you have for other students looking to get an internship?
My advice for other students would be to start searching early and look at many different, potentially unexpected avenues because internships occur in all industries and allow you to gain experience even if you don’t expect to permanently work in that role.

What do you wish you knew before interning that you would like to share with other students?
Prior to interning, I wish I knew more about the industry that I am conducting an internship in as it would have helped me to complete some of the tasks assigned to me, although I have been able to rapidly learn the necessary knowledge along the way.

Would you recommend other students complete an internship? Why or why not?
I would recommend that other students complete an internship as my internship has given me the experience of working in a corporate role that I do not receive in my education, helping me understand how I can apply the knowledge I receive through my degree in college.