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Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion affects almost every part of a well’s lifecycle. In the drilling phase, well casing can corrode due to oxygen within the drilling mud. Innospec Oilfield Services offers a variety of water-soluble and oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors that are specially designed for use in water and oil-based drilling muds and air mist/stable foam operations.

Drill-COR DC-305

DrillCor DC-305 is a complexed water soluble corrosion inhibitor designed for use in water based drilling muds and air mist/stable foam operations. DC-305 is an anodic corrosion inhibitor that has proven to be highly effective in the control of pitting corrosion attack caused by dissolved oxygen. The product provides excellent corrosion control in air mist/stable foam, aerated fluid and water based bentonite mud systems. The product is well suited for use in either fresh water, KCl or brine drilling fluids and remains effective in the presence of CO2 and H2S.

Drill-COR CI-298

DrillCor CI-298 is a highly effective oil soluble, water dispersible, corrosion inhibitor designed for application in water based mud systems. CI-298 provides excellent corrosion control under a wide range of environments, including CO2, H2S and in the presence of trace quantities of dissolved oxygen. The product contains selected surface active agents and quaternaries to aid in prevention of solids deposition on the drill string and to remove previously deposited solids.