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Liquid friction reducers are designed to help protect drilling equipment against damage caused by torque, drag and the high pressures encountered in complex reservoirs. In extreme operating conditions—high temperatures, shock loads, high solids, contaminants — superior, reliable lubrication is required in order to prevent costly equipment-related downtime. But not all lubricants perform equally.


For extreme drilling environments, STRATA-LUBE, a non-toxic, non-flammable proprietary blend of two fatty acids, is compatible with all drilling fluids. Tolerant of temperatures up to 350°F, STRATA-LUBE is also proven effective at increasing rate of penetration (ROP), especially while sliding.

I-Lube 300

Specialty lubricant proven to be highly effective for drilling and coil tubing applications. I-Lube 300 is a concentrated, oil-soluble, water dispersible product that will produce a tenacious oil-based film on the surface of metal. This ability offers exceptionally good friction reduction and lubricity and reduces casing wear, wall sticking and bit and BHA balling.