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Logan R.

Logan R.

College / Degree:
Wichita State University/International Business

What was your title and primary responsibilities?
Laboratory Technician; performed daily testing in support of various sales accounts. Assisted Laboratory staff with day to day operations.

What has been/was the most rewarding part of your internship? What have you learned?
The most rewarding part of the internship has been the opportunity to establish good business connections and references for future career opportunities. I have learned new oilfield production laboratory test methods to broaden my experience in the field.

How has your internship prepared you for entering the job market?
It has given me more insight as to what kind of career path I want to take, and the necessary experience and connections to be successful.

What advice/tips do you have for other students looking to get an internship?
Try to soak in as much knowledge as you can and make your self accessible in a positive way to as many people as you can during the internship.

What do you wish you knew before interning that you would like to share with other students?
I wish I knew how to better balance my summer classes and internship to lessen the stress.

Would you recommend other students complete an internship? Why or why not?
I would highly recommend it, even if it may not be exactly what your vision of your future job is, because of the knowledge and insight you get from on the job experience. Another reason is that many jobs look for experience working, as well as nice references that can speak positively about your performance and character.