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Corrosion Inhibitors

During the lifecycle of a pipeline, many types of corrosion can occur. Localized and microbially influenced corrosion are perhaps the most common type of corrosion experienced; however, that is all dependent on the pipelines operating characteristics and the corrosivity of the fluid entrained in the product flowing through the line. Frequent monitoring and field testing of chemical performance is a critical factor in the prevention and mitigation of corrosion. IOS offers a wide range of corrosion inhibitors to help with corrosion control. In addition, IOS also offers a wide range of combination corrosion and scale inhibitors.

Combination Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors

Water can be prevalent in the pipeline systems. In some cases, both corrosion and scale deposition can occur. To save time and money, treating these issues simultaneously requires the right formulation. Drawing from years of experience in treating all different types of pipeline applications, Innospec Oilfield Services has been able to develop a full line of cost-effective, water-soluble and oil-soluble combination inhibitors to help solve your specific challenges. The combination products are tailored to treat both corrosion and scale synchronously to help ensure asset integrity while maintaining flow assurance.