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Demulsifiers-Oil Soluble

Demulsifiers are critical in preparing crude oil for the refining phase to keep the oil flowing. Innospec’s specialty chemical demulsifiers are designed to optimize your crude oil production process, help remove saline water and prevent corrosion during refining. We provide a full line of gravity-assisted chemical breakers that enable rapid coalescence, dehydration and separation of emulsions, thereby improving hydrocarbon quality. By formulating tailored blends to meet specific processing needs, our demulsifiers provide clear separation, resulting in the highest quality oil.

  • Enhance crude oil value
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Avoid unnecessary corrosion in production tubing and pipelines
  • Remove all traces of impurities and inorganic salts

DMO-3000 Series

Series of emulsion breakers specifically formulated compounds based on complex resin adducts, sulfonates, esters, ethers and di-epoxides. These emulsion breakers are designed to coalesce water droplets allowing the water to settle by gravitational force in oil treating vessels. Since DMO Series emulsion breakers are application specific, onsite testing is provided to assure optimum product selection and performance.