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Iron sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas that presents significant challenges for the oil and gas industry. In many mature fields across the US, high concentrations of H2S are produced making it unsafe for personnel. Companies that need reliable treatment methods rely on the expertise that IOS offers when it comes to scavenging iron sulfide. Our team of experts provide tailored solutions formulated to optimize the specific quantity of sulfur to be removed. Using our H2S scavengers ensures safe operations, optimum refinery performance and reduced environmental impact.

In addition traditional approaches to removing H2S normally demand substantial capital investment and long-term planning. The equipment is costly, complex and compliance to the health and safety regulations can be cumbersome.

TORRENT® Static Mixer

The TORRENT® static mixer revolutionizes the H2S scavenging during gas production to create a highly efficient, effective alternative to traditional scavenging methods. Coupled with our H2S scavenger compounds, the breakthrough technology behind our static mixer means it is not only more effective than such traditional methods of H2S scavenging such as simple triazine atomization, but it is more compact, safe and cost-efficient as well.