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Acidizing is one of the oldest methods used to enhance production in new and older wells. This method is used to increase permeability in production and injector wells in carbonate or sandstone reservoirs by dissolving various solids naturally present or the formation damage particles resulting from drilling or perforating applications.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL) treatments are extremely toxic and hazardous to personnel and equipment and should be handled with the utmost caution. It is for these reasons and more that Innospec Oilfield Services introduced its EZ Acid family.

EcoSolve™ Acid Alternative

A part of the EZ Acid suite of ecologically-friendly acid solutions, EcoSolve is specifically designed for use as a break-down acid that precedes hydraulic fracturing treatments. In addition, EcoSolve is proven effective for the removal of carbonate-based scale or mineral deposits. Because of its immediate and more controllable spending nature, EcoSolve extends its reach deeper into the formation while maintaining rock dissolving properties.

It is proven extremely effective in fracturing spearheads, scale removal, matrix squeezes and fracture acidizing applications.