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A key concern in the oilfield industry is bacterial contamination, which is naturally occurring in the hydrocarbons. To help counter this contamination, biocides are used to control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria and bacteria that attack polymers in fracture and secondary recovery fluids.

Innospec Oilfield Services offers a full range of registered biocides specifically designed for use in completing and producing applications, including pipeline. Our registered biocides are supported by our extensive chemical knowledge and years of experience providing leading biocide solutions for oilfield applications.

We are not only committed to supplying superior biocides for your job, we also provide onsite chemical advisors to ensure that each and every IOFS biocide formulation performs exactly to spec— even when third party pumping equipment is involved. Unique among chemical suppliers, we are a technology company that focuses on partnering closely with customers throughout the life-of-well phases to optimize fluid system performance and efficiencies to bring true value to our clients. To that end, we developed a process for providing on-site well services and technical support—one that involved our proprietary chemical tracking system and IOS personnel with in-depth knowledge of both the chemicals and their delivery systems.

Water Preparation

Proper biocide selection is critical for preparing surface water sources for use in completion, EOR and workover operations. By selecting an appropriate biocide chemistry, the operator can prevent wellbore contamination and souring.

Well Decontamination

Formation souring can lead to an increase in H2S, which poses both a safety and operational risk. The presence of high bacteria concentrations down-hole and in the surface equipment can lead to microbially influenced corrosion (MIC). The inclusion of a biocide treating program will help control microbial colonies in the production equipment thus preventing bacterial induced failures.

Reservoir Safeguarding

During completions, many water sources are utilized to fracture the target formation, which can lead to contamination of the zone resulting in rampant bacteria growth and the development of H2S down-hole.