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OnSite Services

In everything we do, chemistry matters. From initial flow to expert onsite services, QA/QC monitoring to onsite chemical inventory management, IOS is one of the only chemical companies in the industry that can, and will, go the extra mile for each and every customer.

Unique among chemical suppliers, IOS developed a process for providing onsite well services and technical support—one that combines our proprietary chemical tracking system with IOS personnel who possess in-depth knowledge of both the chemicals and their delivery systems.

IOS experts are routinely located at the wellsite to closely monitor chemical performance and troubleshoot any issues that arise during treatments. Advanced preparation is also key. Pre-job pilot testing and chem-add bucket testing assures a greater likelihood of problem free pumping. Experience shows that when the fluid does drift out of specification while pumping, the problem is not typically related to the chemicals. Instead, it is more likely that the proportion of components in the well’s produced fluids have unexpectedly changed. Fortunately for customers, IOS well site teams are trained to quickly identify and correct a wide variety of fluid problems, including those caused by chem-add pump or hose-related issues, faulty sampling sites or a sudden shift in water quality—to name just a few factors that can impair fluid performance and overall treatment success.