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Basin-specific fluid systems that maximize oilfield stimulation

Innospec Oilfield Services (IOS) product and service offerings are proven to be a powerful tool for enhancing the completion design and execution. Our proprietary fluid systems, complete onsite services and inventory management provide effective, economical answers for improving costs per BOE.

Taking a systems approach, our technical teams work to optimize your fluid design by first reviewing the potential for production-related issues, and then, during stimulation, treating any issues that may arise. Next, we challenge conventional methodologies by building systems that reduce chemical usage and help reduce reservoir damage caused by lower polymer loadings.

Rather than compartmentalizing chemical programs, our focus is to start each project with a complete fluid analysis, then build a system that considers future production and helps secure flow assurance. We also understand that certain wells are more problematic and should be addressed separately for the purpose of reducing costs across the entire field. All to help you do more with less while further enhancing your results.