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Clay Control

Formation damage from fines migration can occur during stimulation operations, particularly in sandstone. To prevent fines migration and clay swelling, various clay stabilization chemical treatments have been designed.


ClayBrake™ is a suite of clay control solutions that can help stabilize clay-sensitive formations and prevent fines migration. These ClayBrake solutions were designed for use in applications such as acidizing, gravel packing, and fracturing treatments, as well as in coiled-tubing operations. Further laboratory testing is recommended to determine which clay control product performs best with the fluid design and to determine the optimal loadings.

ClayBrake-1000 is IOS’s newest proprietary clay stabilizer used to combat both swelling and migrating clays. Depending on the quantity of clays present, it can be effective at loadings from 0.5gpt – 3gpt. Testing has shown superior performance to industry standard stabilizers such as choline chloride, cationic polymers, and even 2% KCl (depending on formation type).