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Diverting Agents

To ensure a successful acid stimulation job, correct placement of the acid in matrix treatments is critical.
Proper treatment design and planning are essential to ensure that the acid is not only placed in the right interval, but also across the entire interval. This is extremely important in the long horizontal sections found in today’s shale formations.

IOS provides a full range of diverting agents designed to help optimally place the acid treatment along the wellbore. Our solutions include products that temporarily plug high-flow perforations and divert the treating fluid to new regions of the formation. The diverter plug is typically designed to degrade or dissolve after the treatment is successfully placed.

DeTour Series

IOS offers a wide-range of diverting agents for use in reserviors where formation damage and heterogeneous can prevent equal stimulation treatment.

The DeTour suite of diverting agents are used in stimulation applications to reroute fluid into new regions of the formation. These solid, lightweight particles can be applied during a fracturing treatment or prior to the fracturing stage in a re-frac application.