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Flowback Surfactants

Surfactants are an important group of chemicals that are used to enhance fluid recovery after fracturing. Selecting the right surfactant combination is key to optimizing fluid recovery, particularly when the product is designed to be multifunctional. Innospec Oilfield Services (IOS) offers a wide-range of flowback surfactant systems specifically designed to enhance treatment fluid recovery, prevent down-hole emulsions, and improve IP and long-term production after fracturing.

Surf-Flo 420

Surf-Flo 420 is a formulation of non-ionic surfactant and proprietary resins that is proven to assist with fluid recovery and prevent water blocks. This product is effective between ambient and 350°F.

Surf-Flo 430

OFS technical experts were able to develop a proprietary blend of surfactants that allows for superior flowback recovery performance at loadings as low as 1 gpt. Surf-Flo 430 is optimized to work in fresh water, KCl water and TDS fluids.

Surf-Flo 5000

Surf-Flo 5000 is a multi-component surfactant formulation designed to minimize unwanted adsorption at non-essential interfaces and maximize penetration deeper into the formation, allowing optimal surfactant performance.

Tidal-Flo 100

Tidal-Flo 100 is an optimized flowback surfactant solution specifically designed for use in medium to high TDS waters without reducing flowback surfactant performance. Tidal-Flo 100 also performs well in fresh water and compatible with most fracturing fluid products.