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HiRate™ MAXX

High Efficiency Friction Reducers

Today’s high viscosity friction reducers (HEFRs) are intended to reduce friction in the wellbore during the drilling and stimulation processes in unconventional reservoirs such as shales and coal beds. But the large volumes of water pumped, and high pump rates required, often result in damaging high friction pressures caused by turbulent fluid flow.

Another industry-first from Innospec, the HiRate™ MAXX is a suspension of high efficiency friction reducer particles in a carrier solvent. HiRate MAXX was designed to improve friction reduction efficiency. Saving customers significant time and money—while enhancing safety.

  • Operationally simplistic because it is easy to mix and monitor
  • Using far less product—a gallon or less per thousand— treating rate is nearly 50% faster than conventional friction reducers
  • In a hybrid process, HiRate MAXX enhances fluid viscosity with zero reliance on guar-based fluids

Easy to mix and meter, the HiRate MAXX 1250 system—unlike conventional emulsion-based, high viscosity friction reducers—allows less product per stage; thereby saving operators time and money. Indeed, for those chasing pump rates, this product has a better pressure-to-rate ratio than conventional friction reducers—which allows for far higher treating rates. While the HiRate MAXX 1250 offering is an anionic, high molecular weight polyacrylamide that performs optimally in fresh water when run as designed, it can also be used in some TDS waters to provide cost efficient friction reduction.

HiRate MAXX 3250 is a high brine variant of the product family. The HiRate MAXX family has a lower pressure to ratio than conventional FRs, allowing higher treating rates, with more aggressive sand ramps to save both time and water.

HiRate MAXX 3200G is a suspension of high efficiency friction reducer particles disbursed in a carrier solvent carrier. The product is specifically designed to improved friction reduction efficiency with ultra-fast inversion in fresh, moderate brine or high TDS waters.

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