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Superior Performance. Superior Simplicity.

Water-based friction reducer

This patented friction reducer is a water-based suspension of FR polymers that by design excludes any oil or surfactants in the formulation. AquaBourne offers improved friction reduction when completing a well or drilling compared with traditional dry options. If you are an operator hoping to send less polymer down hole, and utilize every pound of polymer, then this new product development is for you.

Key benefits of AquaBourne water-based friction reducer:

  • Increased frac rate compared with emulsion options
  • 20 percent less polymer pumped down the hole resulting in significantly less formation damage
  • Utilize every pound of polymer you put into the frac stream for cost-effective reduced friction
  • Liquid chemistry is easier to handle compared with dry friction reducers
Aquabourne water based friction reducer 3

Liquid chemistry vs dry mixing

Dry friction reducers require big bulky equipment to be brought on site to mix. There is no mixing required with AquaBourne as it is in liquid form, so delivery schedules are simplified. The formulation also doesn’t require any activation, it’s ready to use.

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Safety at the forefront

We understand the serious safety considerations that managing extremely high pressures that drilling holes brings. AquaBourne oil and gas friction reducer has safety at the forefront. This simple to use product promotes safety in the field, with less people required on site to manage this chemistry.

Aquabourne water based friction reducer 2


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  is another aspect of this new product. The water carrier is completely miscible in fresh, flowback or high TDS produced water, producing a clear, colorless solution in colorless waters, having very low total suspended solids (TSS).

However,  you aren’t paying extra for the eco-benefits. This is a cost-effective product that returns on investment due to its superior friction reducing properties.

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