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AURUM™ HV 50 LPG Additive

Whatever the weather, Innospec LPG additives improve heating system efficiencies and effectiveness.

Widely used to heat homes and businesses, propane-powered boilers and furnaces offer footprint efficiencies and the versatility to provide space and hot water heating. Even in the coldest outdoor climates where a dual-fuel hybrid system is used, propane improves the efficiency and comfort of air- or ground-source heat pump systems.

However, these propane-powered boilers and furnaces also need proven protection against untreated propane in order to ensure that heating performance is not compromised, or that the equipment experiences premature wear. To that end, Innospec Fuels Specialties’ AURUM™ HV 50 LPG Additive with CH25X® Technology helps reduce soot build up and inhibit fuel tank corrosion while reducing CO2 emissions.