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Construction Additives From Innospec Performance Chemicals

We have a strong portfolio of additives and technically advanced solutions for use in the Construction industry. From the production of plasterboard, on-site plaster and mortar applications (drymix), the formulation of concrete admixture and tunneling, we have the products to improve efficiency, performance and provide significant benefits to each of these applications.

We provide a complete range that can support the manufacturers of Building and Construction products. We want to provide the end-consumers with a choice of options for achieving a desired result, whether this means improved workability, reduced setting times or specific foaming characteristics.

Our range spans foaming agents, foam stabilizers, air-entraining agents, superplasticizers, emulsifiers and defoamers and includes well-known brand names like MILLIFLUID®, MILLIFOAM®, NANSA® and EMPICOL®.

We understand our customers and the issues they face. That is why we are committed to developing strong customer relationships built on trust and working closely to develop shared solutions to complex technical problems. Our aim is to deliver a fast, flexible, reliable and customer-focused service at all times.



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