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Home Care, I&I

Home Care Solutions From Innospec Performance Chemicals

Home Care, I&I from Innospec offers a diverse range of surfactants, additives, and patented high-performance formulations for use in everyday cleaning products. Both are naturally derived and synthetic ingredients find their way into a variety of products from laundry liquids, pods, powders and tablets to dish care products and multi-purpose cleaners.

Innospec is committed to continual innovation and developing products that contribute to a sustainable environment. Add in our extensive formulation expertise, market understanding, comprehensive product line-up, and excellent customer support and it’s not surprising our technologies are behind some of the world’s most popular cleaning brands. Whether you are looking for fresh and breezy laundry detergent, a squeaky-clean dishwasher, or a practical and functional household cleaning product, you can be sure the Innospec Home Care, I&I  range will treat the whole home effectively.


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