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Innospec Performance Chemicals and IJM Announce New Partnership to Strengthen Protection for Palm Oil Workers in Southeast Asia

Innospec Inc, a global leader in speciality chemical manufacture, is proud to announce that its Performance Chemicals Business has entered into a social partnership with International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is a global nonprofit organization working with local authorities in 33 communities to combat modern slavery and violence against women, rescuing and restoring victims, holding perpetrators accountable, and strengthening the local public justice systems to build a safe future that lasts.

The partnership will focus on addressing the pressing issue of forced labour and labour trafficking in the Southeast Asia palm oil sector. By addressing the root causes of modern slavery and empowering key stakeholders, the collaboration will strengthen protection for palm oil workers and represents a significant step in the fight against forced labour.

As members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2013 and Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD) since 2020, Innospec has had a long-term commitment to source palm-based raw materials responsibly. Aligning to IJM’s mission will help Innospec’s Performance Chemicals business to enhance this commitment, and ensure our products comply with the company’s NDPE (no Deforestation, no Peat, no Exploitation) policy.

‘As a global chemical specialty company, that uses palm based raw materials in some of our products, we recognise the important role we must play in driving the protection of workers in the palm oil industry. This is why we are excited to support IJM’s mission in combatting modern slavery through the prevention of worker exploitation. We are passionate about IJM’s work to create systemic change by strengthening justice systems and are excited about the positive impact we can bring about in the palm oil industry through this partnership.’

Bruce McDonald, President Performance Chemicals, Innospec

Palm oil is used widely in personal care and household products such as shampoos, shower gels and detergents. Consumers, enjoying the benefit of these items, are likely not aware that forced labor slavery is a real possibility for some workers in this industry. This reality makes the partnership between Innospec Performance Chemicals and IJM – who share a common goal of combating instances of this illegality within the palm industry – an urgent and critical collaboration. Our partnership provides some of the crucial resources needed to strengthen worker access to remedy if needed, and boosts collaboration with local authorities to protect workers long term.

Andrey Sawchenko, Regional Vice President, Forced Labor Programs