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Innospec’s Bunker Fuel Expertise Highlighted in BunkerSpot Article

Published in the October/November 2020 issue of Bunker Spot, “Deep Dive,” a technical article written by Dr. Joseph Stark, Innospec Fuel Specialties’ Director of Refinery Process and Bunker Fuel Additives, offers readers a detailed analysis of the operational impacts—and challenges—posed by blending distillate streams into very low sulfur fuel oils (VLSFO).

As Stark notes, to date there has been little to no guidance to refiners or blenders on how to produce a truly effective VLSFO that meets strict environmental guidance without negatively affecting bunker fuel storage tank and marine engine integrity. “Distillates and catalytically cracked slurry oils contain naturally occurring components and trace levels of contaminants that can impact their inherent stability and the stability of any subsequent blend in which they are used,” writes Stark. The author goes on to observe that, without the presence of a highly effective bunker fuel additive, today’s marine fuels will fall short in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Dr Joseph Stark has a PhD in Chemistry from Kansas State University and a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. He has over 22 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry and has worked to support projects associated with oilfield production operations, refinery process operations and fuel quality projects. Dr Stark has 32 patents and over 30 papers and presentations germane to the Oil & Gas industry.

Stark’s article can be read in its entirety here.