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In the oil and gas industry, perfect chemistry is everything. Whether it’s optimizing challenges, safeguarding people and the environment, or providing a highly successful client-supplier relationship, Innospec Oilfield Services (IOS) has the chemistry you’re looking for.

As a global specialty chemical company, IOS is focused on developing and delivering the best possible technologies—combined with the high level of service vital to support your E&P operations. Through its recent acquisitions, IOS division provides a full suite of specialty products and services to support drilling, completions, production and midstream projects in all major U.S. oil and gas basins, as well as in a growing number of energy plays around the world.

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Published in Hart’s December 2020 IndustryVoice on-line publication, the article “Fundamental chemistry and methodology proves successful in preventing polymer induced agglomerations – (“Goo”)” is accompanied by an extended interview with Innospec’s Dr. Kimberley MacEwen, Vice President Polymer Technology – Stimulation.

Both article and interview deal with a longstanding production–related byproduct nicknamed “Goo” which has long plagued operators—particularly those in iron-rich mineral basins such as Woodford/Cana, Delaware and portions of the Eagleford—by adhering to surface treating equipment and causing costly lost production.

Fortunately, there is now a proven solution: Innospec’s HiRate MAXX-3200G. This industry-first chemistry provides effective, efficient friction reduction at low concentrations and is completely immune to water chemistry—both immediately after treatment as well as long-term.

To read the Hart’s article in its entirety, as well as listen to the accompanying interview with Dr. MacEwen, click here.