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Specialty chemical solution for challenging drilling environments

In the drilling process, fluids are used for several reasons: preventing formation fluids from entering the wellbore, keeping the bits cool and clean, carrying cuttings to the surface, suspending cuttings, and preventing loss circulation. Innospec Oilfield Services (OFS) offers the products, application knowledge, and understanding of oil and gas production necessary to increase the efficiency of all types of drilling operations.

Whatever the product our drilling service experts bring you both expert regional insights and a suite of specialized products to every aspect of your fluid program.

Innovation leaders, the majority of Innospec products are patented solutions that are manufactured in-house to exacting quality and performance standards. Indeed, every Innospec product fully meets—or exceeds—U.S. and European regulatory requirements. Plus, we provide full regulatory support wherever you are located.

Ranging from high performance water-based mud to high solid water loss squeeze pills, lost circulation materials to mud additives– Innospec is the first choice of the oil and gas industry operators across North America and beyond.