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Feel the Difference

Innospec is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty silicones to the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry. Following the acquisition of Chemsil Silicones, Inc. we offer products from basic silicone raw materials to customer-specific compounds. We can supply your company with everything from innovative functional custom compositions to our patented specialty technologies.

  • Volasil® (low viscosity silicones) – siloxanes and dimethicones

  • Dimethisil® DM (dimethyl fluids) – dimethicones (dimethylpolysiloxanes). The range includes Dimethisil® DM-6, a 6 cst fluid with a surprisingly different skin feel

  • Cosmetic Fluid (High molecular weight Dimethicone / Dimethiconol fluids delivered from various carrier fluids)

  • Dimethisil® NH (Amino functional fluids)

  • InnoSil (Cyclic-free solutions) 

Specialty Products – develop specialty compositions and customized compositions to meet the demanding requirements of customers’ unique applications. Innospec offers custom manufacturing of silicone compositions with additives such as actives and fragrances. Our purpose-built anhydrous blending facility affords an economical route to fully customized solutions even on a small batch basis.

Our range includes:

Hindered Amine Fluids

Dimethisil® HNH fluids are cationic hindered amine silicone fluids. These unique silicone raw materials are compatible with anionic surfactants and have an excellent toxicity profile for personal care applications. Innospec offers this unique functional ingredient in low, medium and high viscosities and varying cationic strengths.

Cosmetic Fluids

Cosmetic fluids are silicone compounds containing various combinations of high viscosity silicone fluids and elastomers in a variety of diluents. These products vary in viscosity, feel aesthetics, shine, lubricity, water-resistance and application rub-in time. Grades of Cosmetic Fluids are based on solids, diluents, high viscosity fluids and/or elastomer derivatives. These variations give a wide range of characteristics when formulating products.


Our versatile range of InnoSil cyclic-free silicones has plenty of options to meet various formulation needs. We can help you design a blend of dimethicones and trisiloxane with and without organic volatile ingredients to deliver your optimum solution.

Macro Emulsions and Surfactants

Many of our Emulsil® products are developed as formulation compounds that provide a multitude of properties in hair care and skincare formulas.

Emulsil® emulsions provide improved combability and increase shine, softness, and reduce fly away in Leave-in and Rinse-out hair care applications.  Emulsil® silicone surfactants vary in the ethoxylation and propoxylation, that provide the properties desired by the formulator for solubilization and emulsification of W/O and O/W emulsion products.

Frizz Control

Frizzblend MAX products contain a patent-pending hindered-amine capable of providing superior long-lasting frizz control, curl definition and curl memory. Frizzblend MAX CF contains less than 0.1% of each cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane and cyclohexasiloxane.

Shine Enhancers

Shineblend® fluids are economical silicone shine enhancers that can be used in sprayable formulations for hair and body care products. These compounds contain functional diluents in a variety of ratios. They are ready to use as the major base component for hair applications. Innospec can offer a wide range of Shineblend® fluids to accommodate formulator preferences for feel, shine, volatility, and economics. Shineblend® Max is a high-performance product that provides long-lasting shine.  Let Innospec work with you to achieve a custom product.

NOTE: Not recommended for propellant systems.

Micro Emulsions

Microsil® products are silicone micro-emulsions of amine functional silicones. The amine functional fluids used in these emulsions cover a range of performance and applications. MICROSIL® micro-emulsions have unique properties due to their clarity and compatibility in anionic, cationic and nonionic formulations. Allow Innospec to recommend the product that is best suited for your formula needs.

Dimethyl Fluids

Chemically inert, thermally stable, lubricous, and low toxicity make dimethyl silicone fluids the product of choice for many diverse applications. They are among the most versatile, cost-effective silicones used for aesthetic modification, lubricity, skin protection, thermal protection, and water resistance.

Specsil K

The Specsil products is a line of specialty products and formulated compositions that cover a wide range of skin, color, hair and sun care applications.  The product range contains silicone elastomer gels, film formers and phenyl functional silicones. Specialty products for unique applications.

Gelaid® Viscosity Modifiers

Gelaid® fluids are silicone compounds formulated specifically for increasing the viscosity of serums and silicone phases that are used in a variety of hair and skin treatment products. GELAID® CPE and CPE CF formulation aid can be used to formulate clear to translucent gels for a wide variety of applications.