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The benefits of a water-based Friction Reducer

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Friction reducers (FR) are commonly used in slick-water fracturing. The most common types of FR use water-soluble polymers, often containing a polymer called polyacrylamide (PAM), that reduces friction between fluids and wellbore surfaces. They work by creating a thin film on the pipe’s surface, which reduces the fluid’s contact area with the rough pipe wall, thereby minimizing friction.


How the polymer is delivered to the wellbore surface differs depending on the FR product type. Often the polymer is carried in an oil-based suspension, or emulsion. In these cases, the FRs require shedding of an oil-layer prior to hydration, so that the surface of the polymer is exposed and effective in reducing friction.


A new option: water-based friction reducer

The focus has now turned to improving the efficiency of FRs in the process, to save on costs and the amount of polymer sent down the hole.

Consequently, Innospec has looked closely at the chemistry of FRs and the needs of operators out in oilfields, to develop its patented water-based friction reducer: AquaBourne™. This really is the first of its kind, developed to ensure operators use every pound of polymer they send down the hole.


The new water-based slurry is composed of an anionic polyacrylamide which provides excellent dispersion when added to frac water. This means rapid hydration in fresh or moderate to high TDS brine waters. The fast activation in the treating fluid is attributed to the product’s aqueous carrier fluid.


Unlike oil-laden emulsions and suspensions, AquaBourne does not require the shedding of an oil layer prior to hydration. The friction reducer can be put to work without need of any bulky mixing equipment, saving businesses time and money.


The results speak for themselves.

In a recent frac, one of our clients was able to use 16% less polymer and replace 110 gallons of oil per stage with AquaBourne. The product’s aqueous carrier fluid allowed for maximum usage of the polymer, while holding the same pressure and rate as the oil-laden friction reducer.


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Contact us today to discuss your slick-water fracturing and what you need from a friction reducer. AquaBourne will help you reach your efficiency goals. We sell to operators and pressure pumping companies, so contact us today to get your quote.

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