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Demands for Friction Reducers are Changing

Demands for Friction Reducers are Changing

Slickwater fracturing fluids are widely established as the “go-to” method for completing unconventional reservoirs. The focus has now turned to improving the efficiency of the process and reducing recovery costs. One component of the frac under increasing scrutiny is the friction reducer (FR) product. In the mission to improve efficiency, operators now require better friction reducing performance at lower costs.

Improvements to the friction reducer could come in many forms including:

  • Reducing treating pressure to a greater extent
  • Enabling higher treating rates
  • Offering operational simplicity
  • Carrying more proppant

Consequently, the number of different friction reducers has grown vastly over the last few years to appeal to different operators and their priorities.

Friction Reducer Options

Options usually include invert emulsions, suspensions, dry FR powders, and our patented powder emulsion suspensions, but Innospec Oilfield Services believed there was an option missing: a water-based friction reducer that offers on-site chemistry (without the need for bulky mixing equipment), while offering unrivalled friction reduction.

To meet industry demands, Innospec has released its patented innovation to hydraulic fracturing. The is the industry’s first water-based friction reducer for freshwater and moderate to high TDS brines, AquaBourneTM. The new water-based slurry is composed of an anionic polyacrylamide which provides excellent dispersion when added to frac water. This means rapid hydration in fresh or moderate to high TDS brine waters. The fast activation in the treating fluid is attributed to the product’s aqueous carrier fluid.

Unlike oil-laden emulsions and suspensions, AquaBourne does not require the shedding of an oil layer prior to hydration.

Ready to order?

Contact us today to discuss your slick-water fracturing and what you need from a friction reducer. AquaBourne will help you reach your efficiency goals. We sell to operators and pressure pumping companies, so contact us today to get your quote..

You can also explore our full range of friction reducers.