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EVA Waxes

Produced using copolymerization of ethylene with the polar co-monomer vinyl acetate, EVA-copolymer waxes offer good compatibility, flexibility and surface adhesion. 

Our range of EVA waxes includes:

  • Non-oxidized EVA waxes: VISCOWAX® 334, 343
  • Oxidized EVA wax: VISCOWAX® 453

For use in polar plastics and water-based wax emulsions, EVA-waxes maintain required properties such as flexibility and adhesion.

Important functions of EVA-waxes:

  • Adhesiveness – useful in improving stickiness
  • Compatibilizer – for use in formulations with ingredients of different polarity
  • Wetting & dispersing – especially for hard-to-disperse polar pigments & additives
  • Flexibility – for increased mechanical stability or processability in some compounds
  • Anti-slip agent – for use in floor polishes (emulsion of VISCOWAX® 453).