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Bunker Fuels

Meeting the complex challenges of VLSO

As the world’s leader in marine fuel additives, we understand the challenges of handling and using VLSFO and work closely with the bunker fuel market to help ship owners, refineries, bunker fuel suppliers and marketers, and fuel blenders meet their goals.

Whether you’re looking to mitigate the risk of unstable or incompatible fuels, lower the carbon intensity of your bunker fuel, or improve the economics of fuel blending, we can tailor a solution for your needs.

Our Trident bunker fuel additives are supported by our international team of marine fuel experts and chemists. We continue to work in the field to solve the everyday problems of handling and operating VLSFO.

Download Dr Joseph Stark, Director of Technology for Process & Bunker Technical Support recent article on the Economic benefits of fuel additives and learn more.

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Case studies

Case studies of our TridentTM Bunker Fuel Additives in action in the field.

Gas Oil PPD case study

How to use cold flow improver effectively

VLSFO case study

Upgrading bunker fuels and improving fuel quality

HSFO case study

Additive treatment to improves bunker fuel quality and profitability

TridentTM Bunker Fuel Additives has an extensive product portfolio for treating individual blend stocks, including sustainable blend stocks, and finished fuel blends.

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Innospec works with several industry groups to understand the needs of the market, develop fuel specifications, and verify the performance of our additives.

- The ISO working group responsible for the development of the Classification & Specification of Marine Fuels – ISO8216 and ISO8217

- The International Council of Combustion Engines (CIMAC) working group 7 (Fuels)

- Lloyds Register & multi-national oil company marine groups which have independently verified the claims associated with specified Innospec products, providing assurance that the products perform as designed.