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Multi-Functional Diesel Formulations

Protects and cleans both new and older diesel engines

Truly advanced fuels are critical to the reliable operation of today’s sophisticated diesel engines—engines that demand specified treatment if they are to deliver maximum performance. Without specially formulated fuels, vehicle operation can be compromised as deposits quickly accumulate inside the fuel injection system. Carefully engineered components no longer work as intended. Power falls off. Fuel economy falters. Taking a vehicle from service due to engine failure of any type can be the most costly expense of fleet operations. Whether an owner operator or large fleet owner, downtime can cost your operation. Simply put, the best way to take fuel performance to the next level is to treat the fuel with a multifunctional additive package that not only improves fuel performance but also provides the fuel manufacturer and marketer with a host of additional fuel-related benefits.

Adding POWERGUARD™ to your diesel helps deliver the highest level of fuel performance — and protection.

Our research confirms that adding advanced detergents to diesel fuel can effectively control fuel system corrosion and the build-up of deposits inside modern High Pressure Common Rail (HPFI) engines. Formulated to work with modern diesel engines, POWERGUARD is equally beneficial to older engine technologies.

Major POWERGUARD benefits include:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Maintaining and restoring engine power
  • Improving vehicle drivability
  • Increasing fuel economy
  • Lowering engine noise
  • Protecting against injector nozzle fouling
  • Reducing fuel filter blocking
  • Increasing oxidation resistance
  • Decreasing emissions
  • Preventing fuel foaming
  • Enhancing tank (storage and vehicle) corrosion protection