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Introducing AURUM® – LPG Additives with CH25X Technology, the new gold standard for your bottom line.

While untreated propane has major advantages over other premium-based fuels, LPG treated with AURUM® adds more to your bottom line. Compared to propane treated with AURUM®, untreated LPG emits a higher level of CO emissions and impacts engine wear and performance over time. For your LPG powered equipment, Innospec’s advance AURUM® LPG additives, with CH25X technology, represent a revolution for autogas, tank cleaning, heating, and metalworking applications.

AURUM® QV 50 LPG additive is an advanced propane additive used to formulate a premium LPG—one that substantially improves performance in direct and indirect LP-gas vaporizers and downstream in valves and regulators.

AURUM® QV 60 has already set a new benchmark for LPG additives. A multi-functional detergent package specifically formulated for LPG use in internal combustion engines, AURUM® delivers significant economic and safety benefits for distributors, equipment owners and operators.

AURUM® CV 70 LPG additive was developed for LPG use in a wide variety of metalworking processes. When applied properly, the balanced chemistry in AURUM® CV 70 creates a premium LPG that delivers faster, higher quality results—and at a lower cost than acetylene and propylene.

*AURUM® is a trademark of Innospec. CH25X™ is a trademark of Guardian Protection Products, Inc.