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Predator™ Biocides

With Predator on the prowl, bacteria won’t have the run of your fuel storage system.

Innospec’s answer to even the most invasive microbial fuel contamination.

Microbes in fuel systems often live in biomass, which is commonly attached to storage tank walls and fuel system components. As bacteria builds up, it can quickly contaminate a fuel system.

To avoid costly repairs in any fuel storage systems, preventative maintenance is critical. After all, even the smallest amount of water in a tank will create an environment where bacteria can grow—which generates highly corrosive acetic acids.

Available in a wide range of fuel biocide chemistries, Innospec’s Predator fuel biocides act a shock treatment solution to eliminate existing microbial fuel contamination and as a preventative treatment to stop future contamination.

Innospec’s biocide chemistries work to:

  • Maintain fuel quality and performance;
  • Stop the formation of corrosive acids, slime and sediments;
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns and maintenance.