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Responsible Tetraethyl Lead Supply and Stewardship

Our Octane Additives business is the world’s only manufacturer of tetraethyl lead (TEL) products.

TEL was designed to increase octane quality of gasolines, deliver superior engine performance and reduce engine maintenance. It remains essential in aviation gasoline, and is still used in a small number of countries in motor gasoline where it provides refineries with an economic means of improving the quality of gasoline.  

With over 60 years’ heritage of producing octane boosters, our knowledge of these products is unrivalled.

TEL stewardship

We recognize the environmental importance of reducing lead in automotive fuel, and understand our responsibilities in supporting this ambition. As a business, we actively assist in the global phase-out of TEL in two important ways:

  1. We use our extensive market knowledge to support those countries which continue to depend on TEL, as they make the transition to unleaded gasoline.Through the phase-out period, we ensure the continuity of TEL while also providing comprehensive support and guidance on how best to manage the changeover.
  2. We also offer an environmental remediation service to customers.Through our Innospec Environmental business, we manage the clean-up of redundant blending facilities as refineries complete the move away from TEL.This service includes safety training, technical and engineering support.

Responsible supply

Our Octane Additives Product Stewardship program ensures our TEL products are managed responsibly.

We only supply TEL to refiners and blenders when we are satisfied they can store, handle and blend the product according to our strict guidelines.

To manage this process, we provide extensive training and, where appropriate, carry out safety audits, before we supply our product.

As a responsible organisation, we:

  • Do not supply TEL products to the general public or third parties involved in the after-treatment market
  • Do not condone, and advise against, the use of TEL for such purposes
  • Meet all international regulations concerning the export and transport of TEL products.

In markets where TEL is no longer permitted, Innospec offers alternatives, through our Octaburn and Plutocen additive ranges.

Aviation applications

TEL additives remain crucial to the safe operation of many types of aircraft. For the general aviation sector, we offer AvTEL – TEL-B for use in aviation gasoline.