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Innospec is the world’s leading fuel additive manufacturer solely dedicated to diesel fuel additive technology.

Modern diesel engine challenges are myriad: OEM fuel requirements, harsh operating conditions, and demanding local, regional, and global diesel emissions and fuel content regulations are just the beginning.

Since 1938, Innospec has been at the forefront of diesel fuel additive technology. With a product range that addresses every diesel grade and countless original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements—along with a host of increasingly stringent global fuel regulations—Innospec can provide advanced diesel solutions for retailers, refiners, fleet owners and other diesel end-users.

Meeting the huge challenges posed by ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel).

Containing less than 15ppm sulphur, modern ultra-low sulfur diesels (ULSD) are designed to provide a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels. However, a consequence of the desulfurization process used to remove sulfur from fuel streams is that it also has severe effects on fuel properties and modern High-Pressure Fuel Injectors (HPFI) and High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) engines.

Developed alongside OEMs (original engine manufacturers), Innospec’s ECOCLEAN™ line of additives helps ULSD end-users extract maximum benefit from both their fuel and high-tech engines. Whether you operate in a mine, transit authority, OTR fleet or waste hauler, ECOCLEAN products will take engine performance to a new level.

Innospec also offers POWERGUARD® High Performance Diesel Additive for all diesel and biodiesel blends. Through extensive OEM engine testing and commercial application in heavy-duty diesel engine fleets— including on-road vehicle fleets and heavy-duty mining equipment—POWERGUARD has proven to be exceptionally effective in even the harshest operating conditions. Used regularly, POWERGUARD cleans all types of injector deposits to restore lost horsepower and fuel economy. And to extend engine life and cut downtime, POWERGUARD also works to prevent future the fuel soot and sludge formation caused by the thermal stressing.