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VSO (Verification, Surveillance and Optimization) Fuel Quality Program

We don’t just treat, test, and track. We tell you if there’s trouble on the way.

Innospec’s VSO Program: Benefits that add up to another industry “first.”

Serving refinery, terminal, pipeline, oilfield, fuel distributor and end user customers, Innospec—the world leader in fuel performance—goes far beyond supplying you with precisely formulated diesel fuel chemistry. Indeed, when you treat your fuel with Innospec fuel additives, our VSO fuel quality program stays with you every day, around the clock, to verify, monitor, and help optimize your fuel.

Quickly and accurately track in-transit samples.

No matter which delivery firm you prefer for sample transport, our proprietary software allows you—and Innospec—to instantly track any given sample’s location and transit progress. You simply let us know the sample is on the way, and provide a sample order. We then automatically generate a link for you to access day or night. If a sample is lost or sidetracked in-transit, you’ll know it. And you won’t have to waste valuable time making phone calls or sending emails to try and determine the sample’s location and ETA.
And once we’ve received and processed your sample, that same Innospec software allows you to instantly see your complete testing results, as well as historical testing data.

Instantly access historical tank and sample data, too.

Innospec’s VSO program delivers far more than access to a current sample’s location or current chemistry. Via our electronic data collection and representation system your personnel can instantly track fuel history over time for any location.
Providing a history of fuel quality reports for any location—as well as comparisons between locations—is invaluable. It not only helps you track to what degree a location’s fuel integrity has changed (or not changed) over time, it alerts you to possible problems with fuel maintenance, or if a location’s fuel profile has changed.

Only Innospec provides advanced warning—and instructions—to protect customers during low temperature events.

As part of Innospec’s VSO Program, our Cold Weather Fuel Control service monitors in-depth weather forecasts from multiple weather reporting agencies. Looking out days ahead, our service is programed so that when potentially adverse cold weather reports are initially issued for any geographic areas where you have fuel storage locations, our software’s operability predictive algorithms help us instantly cross reference your latest lab test results with any threatened locations. We can then alert you to any impending chemical adjustments needed for your additive and blending programs.

Innospec’s VSO Program. Learn more about how we work around the clock to safeguard the chemical integrity of your storage tank fuel.

You can trust Innospec, the leader in diesel fuel technology, to consistently deliver superior, real-world product performance—with services designed to cut costs and bring you peace of mind. To find out more about how our industry-unique VSO program can benefit your business, simply contact your Innospec Fuel Specialties representative, or visit us at