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Dewatering Additives

Demulsifiers, dehazers and emulsion preventatives

Water is an ever-present contaminant in the processing and distribution of hydrocarbon fuels such as ULSFO and VLSFO. Water is soluble at low concentrations and its solubility is a function of temperature and organic polar compounds that naturally occur in the fuel. Water that is no longer solubilized in a hydrocarbon is commonly referred to as free water. Free water can negatively impact the clarity of finished fuels by causing them to haze and become opaque. There are often clarity requirements associated with finished fuel quality standards.

Free water in fuels can also become entrained as an emulsion. High levels of water and other contaminants with emulsifying properties in fuel can have a significant economic impact to the entire fuel distribution and processing system. Emulsified water in bunker fuels can lead to elevated corrosion in equipment and storage tanks, increased microbiological activity, poor fuel quality and operability issues. Water contamination can occur at the refinery, during storage and transfer of fuels, or through poor housekeeping and maintenance practices.

If operational or mechanical options are not available, the use of an Innospec demulsifier may be a cost-effective means of resolving the situation. Demulsifiers assist in the separation of water from fuel and can break existing emulsions. The addition of a demulsifier before sending the fuel to tankage or before bunkering onboard a ship will aid in the removal of water.

If a fuel appears wet or hazy due to free water and there is no existing emulsion, then treatment with a dehazer may be the most cost-effective solution. Dehazers are designed to coalescence water droplets dispersed in a fuel, thereby enhancing water separation.

An effective dewatering program can greatly improve fuel quality, reduce costly maintenance and improve operability.

Innospec offers a variety of dewatering products to meet the demands of the ever-changing bunker fuel market. Please contact your Innospec representative to discuss how we can custom tailor a solution for your needs.

Introducing Innospec’s Trident™ 610 Dehazer Additive –
Trident 610 is an oil-soluble dehazer specifically formulated to accelerate the coalescence and separation of free water from finished fuels, marine distillates and VLSFO.

Introducing Innospec’s Trident™ 620 Demulsifier Additive –
Trident 620 is an oil-soluble demulsifier specifically formulated to break oil/water emulsions and accelerate the separation of free water from finished fuels, marine distillates and VLSFO.


  • Improves VLSFO and ULSFO fuel quality
  • Accelerates water separation from fuel
  • Reduces the potential for corrosion or biological activity
  • Improves the removal of salts and solids in separation & settling processes