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Lubricity Additives


Ultra-low sulfur fuels such as marine gas oil (MGO) and marine diesel oil (MDO) contain distillate fractions. The new very-low sulfur fuel oils (VLSFO) being produced in response to IMO-2020 can also contain a high fraction of distillate material in the blend.

Fuel system components, such as the fuel pump and fuel injectors, rely on the lubricating properties of the fuel to operate efficiently. However, these distillate-based fuels may not provide adequate lubrication for marine engines.

Straight run distillates typically contain trace levels of organic acids, metals, and other polar compounds (such as sulfur and nitrogen). These compounds are attracted to the metal surface of fuel injection componentry and provide a friction resistant film that is sufficient to lubricate moving parts inside the injection system and buffer against wear.

To meet increasing stringent sulfur regulations for on-road and NRLM (Non-Road, Locomotive & Marine) fuels, refineries are often hydrotreating distillate streams. The hydrotreating process is very effective in removing sulfur compounds and other polar components in the fuel that give it good, inherent lubricity.

Additionally, the severe hydrotreating of distillates, such as ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), also reduces the aromatic content of the fuel, which further reduces the inherent lubricity of the fuel.

For decades, Innospec has provided refiners, suppliers, ship owners, and fuel consumers with specialized products to meet the challenging nature of bunker fuels. Understanding fuel properties and enhancing the stability of the fuel by implementing an Innospec fuel additive program will improve economics, reliability, operations, and flexibility, while reducing emissions and sludge disposal costs.

Innospec offers a variety of lubricity improvers to meet the demands of the ever-changing bunker fuel market. Please contact your Innospec representative to discuss how we can custom tailor a solution for your needs.

Innospec’s Trident 900 Lubricity Additive
Trident 900 is a cost-effective lubricity additive that protects fuel system by forming a durable, protective film on the surface of fuel components, which reduces friction and mitigates the negative impact from metal-on-metal contact.


  • Improves the boundary lubrication of distillate-based marine fuels
  • Improves the lubricity properties of marine distillates to ISO 8217 requirements
  • Improves reliability by reducing the wear of fuel system components
  • Reduces fuel injection failures caused by wear
  • Provides fuel producers and suppliers greater blend flexibility