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Multipurpose fuel additives for heating oil applications

At Innospec, we offer a complete fuel additive solutions for all grades of heating oil.

Our portfolio is also fit-for-purpose. Supported by the latest research and development techniques, our testing facility in Germany uses state-of-the-art technology to compare base and additized fuel for fuel ageing, fuel stability, combustion improvement, and emissions control. This unique capability brings together our global expertise in heating oil additives to offer a complete range of heating oil additives.

Our experience in heating oil additives draws on our in-depth market understanding and enables us to offer complete additive packages to our customers for multi-purpose applications. This ensures optimum performance of the heating system, and a reduction in running costs and environmental pollution.

Using tailored heating oil additive formulations based on our complete range of fuel additives, customers can maximize the efficiency of their heating oil system to improve reliability, protect key components from corrosion and improve low temperature operation.