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Combustion Additives

Clever combustion

During fuel combustion, damaging deposits can build up and hinder engine performance. For a cleaner engine, you need the very best fuel additives.

Our marine combustion additives can be used for all types of marine fuels. Whether you choose a highly concentrated additive, a diluted liquid combustion additive or a solid combustion catalyst, our specialty solutions will enhance fuel stability and quality, while protecting a ship’s valuable systems:

  • Ensure a more complete burnout of carbon and hydrocarbon
  • Reduce unburned carbon deposits
  • Maintain cleaner lube oil to prevent engine wear
  • Discover cleaner engines, turbochargers and exhaust gas boilers
  • Cut down on engine maintenance
  • Increase the time between overhauls
  • Significantly reduce the risk of gas boiler soot fires
  • Reduce unburned carbon, known as “black carbon”, and its impact on environment