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Achieving Optimum Combustion for Maximum Plant Performance

Plant operators are facing increasing competition to extract the maximum amount of energy possible from a power source, while substantially reducing emissions.

Plants need to maintain combustion efficiency while keeping downtime and equipment failure to a minimum. They also need to comply with increasingly stringent regulations on fuel handling and reduced emissions. Improvements made to meet new environmental legislation are often undermined by the low quality of fuel used.

Poor quality fuels can cause problems from fuel storage to combustion and exhaust stack issues, affecting power plant efficiency. This leads to higher fuel usage and increased costs.

We have the perfect solution.

Innospec is the market leader in fuel additive technology. Our expert knowledge has helped us to develop an extensive range of additives designed to improve combustion, reduce emissions, and improve fuel efficiency. We tailor all of our environmentally-friendly solutions to a specific application.

We can help you increase combustion efficiency, improve combustion performance and optimise plant reliability, helping you achieve lower operating costs as well as more environmentally friendly power generation.