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Renewable Technology

At the cutting edge of renewable fuel technology

Innospec’s additive and research teams deliver unique fuel additives for renewable fuel applications. We formulate complex specialty chemicals to meet key industry application challenges. Our additive packages are designed to provide optimum performance to match our customers’ specific fuel blend characteristics, and to ensure the blended fuels meet industry recognized fuel specification requirements.

Innospec fuel additive technologies address:

  • Biodiesel (B100) and biodiesel / petroleum diesel fuel blends (Bxx) – fuel storage stability and low temperature operability
  • Bioethanol and bioethanol / petroleum gasoline fuel blends – fuel storage stability and corrosion inhibition

Our range includes:

Fuel Storage Stability

BIOSTABLE® biodiesel stabilizer is designed to enhance and maintain the stability of fresh fuel and correct the instability of older fuels. The products are compatible with petroleum fuels and other fuel additives for a wide range of applications including on/off-road, home heating, marine, rail and power generation.

  • BIOSTABLE 403E is a specially formulated multi-component additive designed to enhance storage stability of B100 and Bxx blends. BIOSTABLE 403E inhibits peroxide formation, and minimizes the detrimental affects of undesired chemicals resulting from peroxide decomposition. The BIOSTABLE 403E also retards metal catalyzed oxidation to enhance biofuel storage stability.

Ethanol has been used for many years as a component for gasoline blending. Industry concerns with increases in fuel pump wear has led to a change in the specifications for fuel grade ethanol (ASTM D4806 and D5798). These changes introduced the requirement to evaluate acidity of the fuel (acid detection / pHe method ASTM D4623).

  • DCI-11 Plus addresses the concerns with acidity in ethanol and uses a special formulation to protect the entire fuel system and prevent acid attack on engine components. This critical, multipurpose fuel additive is suitable for use in gasoline, fuel ethanol and fuel oxygenate blends.
  • DCI-11 Plus ClearTrak™ is a multifunctional oxygenate additive with corrosion inhibitor and enhanced amine buffer that includes a colorless marker for easy customer in-lab treat rate verification. The strong amine buffer will maintain safe pHe levels while the resilient corrosion inhibitor provides excellent protection for transportation, storage, and fuel system assets. Now with the ClearTrak marker, this powerhouse additive gives the peace of mind that you have delivered the appropriate levels to safeguard your fuel and your customers.

Improved Low-Temperature Handling & Operability

B100 biodiesel is typically used as a feedstock to blend with petroleum fuel. Exposure to low temperatures during storage and transportation prior to blending is a concern to the fuels industry. Our fuel additive eliminates these concerns to ensure effective handling and storage at low temperatures.

  • BIO WINTERFLOW™ PPD – an effective fuel additive to dramatically improve the pump ability of B100 biodiesel. It works by reducing the formation of particulates and lowering the fuel pour point.

Biodiesel can have a detrimental impact on the low temperature operability of blended Bxx fuel, especially biodiesel produced from feed stocks that contain a high percentage of saturated components. The composition of this blended fuel is an important factor that influences low temperature operability. Our additive is designed to achieve maximum benefits from Cold Flow Improver (CFI) additives to ensure optimum performance

  • BIO WINTERFLOW™ CFI – addresses the impact of both B100 biodiesel and petroleum diesel components to improve low temperature operability in the Bxx fuel blend.