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Research & Development

Our scientists have invented and developed many of the proprietary technologies that have now become the benchmark for fuel performance in the industry. This is because we continually invest in Research and Development.

Central to our approach has been the formation of dedicated teams focused on:

  • Product Discovery
  • Process Development
  • Application Testing
  • Formulation
  • Customer Technical Service
  • Analytical

We also divide our activities into Technology Platforms to allow us to concentrate on clearly defined research areas. This strategy has created an innovative pipeline of new products for different markets.

World-class facilities

To support our scientists and technicians we have set up worldwide laboratory and analytical facilities for testing fuel additives, oilfield chemicals and personal care ingredients for performance and cost-effectiveness. Here, our scientists can optimize formulations in line with customer requirements and specifications.

We have major R&D centers for all of our business units in both UK and USA. These sites are equipped with state-of-the-art synthesis equipment for developing innovative technologies appropriate to our key markets.

Talent and commitment

We also invest heavily in our people. We have developed a “science ladder” to encourage our scientists to develop their scientific knowledge and expertise to the highest level.

Our reputation among the worldwide academic community has been enhanced by our commitment to research. Our scientists publish papers, give lectures and presentations, help to organize conferences, chair and attend committee meetings and are active in industry associations.

We currently chair a number of US based committees and several European groups. We sit on many other committees, including some with a global remit. Our lectures/presentations are delivered in Asia, Europe, North and South America. We collaborate with a number of leading Universities around the world.