Fuel Additives

Innospec Fuel Specialties is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty fuel additives for petroleum-based fuels, coal, and bio-fuels.

These fuel additives, including gasoline and diesel fuels additives, are for use in a diverse scope of applications. These applications cover diesel fuel winter treatment and much more to count toward their innovative strategies.

Our Innospec fuel additives are carefully analyzed and used for engineering the exacting demands of each fuel application. Global R&D testing and industry-specific expertise ensure innovative fuel treatments for fuel stability, specification, performance, storage, handling, environmental compliance, and protection.

With a worldwide supply chain, outstanding market knowledge, and first-class service, we are a powerful resource for solving challenges, enhancing performance, ensuring environmental compliance, and improving logistics.

Innospec Fuel Specialties has recently expanded its’ Customer Technical Support offering in the UK with a new technology center.

The new fuel additive treatment facility offers an open floor plan laboratory equipped with a full range of the latest equipment and instrumentation. It is part of Innospec’s global network of 14 Technical Service and Fuel Research & Technology Centers. The fuel additive equipment is operated across the globe to strategize how efficiently fuel is used.

Innospec Fuel Specialties recognizes that the way we look after our planet is changing and that fuel additive engineering is essential to this. Unique from other fuel additive companies, their innovative working processes ensure commitment to sustainable, clean fuel solutions.

We work to boost engine performance by improving fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. Our worldwide technical customer services teams find solutions for various & complex fuel problems, exploring fuel storage, the cetane number of diesel fuel (fuel quality) and fuel environments.

Our new fuel additive center is built with equipment and capable technology, enabling us to test and replicate the conditions that could affect our fuel. These conditions vary from commonly used environments such as on road (vehicles), off-road (tractors) to the ocean (boats) and sky (airplanes).

We ensure that our customers receive the most efficiency from their fuel now and in the future. We are already preparing for the various fuel challenges we see ahead of us.

Check out the video below and contact us for any further information. We will be happy to help.