GDi Additive Technology

Providing effective fuel solutions for high pressure, high performance GDi engines

The latest gasoline direct injection (GDi) engines can deliver improved fuel economy and lower emissions but these high pressure, high performance engines operate to very tight tolerances. With gasoline deposit control additive technology optimised for older PFI engine performance, there is the potential for deposits to form around the injector system and interfere with critical engine efficiency. If an engine is to perform exactly as intended precision components require protection.

Dynamico™ is a ground-breaking range of deposit control additives that has been developed specifically for GDi engines. Dynamico™ will clean existing injector deposits and stop the build-up of future deposits. This ensures advanced injection systems always operate at maximum efficiency over the whole life of the vehicle.

The Dynamico™ range:

  • Removes existing injector deposits
  • Prevents injector fouling
  • Dramatically reduces particle emissions
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Preserves engine power
  • Maintains optimum reliability

The highly versatile Dynamico™ range provides bulk fuel suppliers and retailers with an opportunity to differentiate their fuel in a fast-changing market. Innospec’s experience, expertise and market understanding can help optimize treat rates and build cost-effective supply chain solutions that span multiple locations and markets.