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Get Help With Diesel Deposits

Get Help With Diesel Deposits

Read ground breaking research on diesel engine deposits by world leading expert Dr Jim Barker

Innospec’s Senior Research Fellow Dr Jim Barker has been investigating, analysing and reporting on fuel additives for 35 years. Working with Innospec’s research teams around the world he has helped shape the company’s product development from a simple ‘one-issue’ additive back in the 1980s to today’s high-performance packages that are used all over the world to tackle multiple issues in a single treatment.

A continual tightening of emissions legislation has been driving the shift towards new fuels like Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel for many years. Engine manufacturers have responded by introducing ever greater feats of precision engineering to deliver cleaner, more powerful machines that use less fuel and produce fewer emissions.

The science of fuel additives has evolved in tandem to ensure modern diesel engines continue to work efficiently with these new fuels. Emissions, fuel economy and engine downtime all suffer when an engine is not performing as it should. If deposits from many different sources are left to form on fuel filters and fuel injectors an engine no longer operates as it was designed to.

This is the challenge Innospec’s scientists like Dr Jim Barker have dedicated their careers to solving. Employing some of the best brains in the industry, Innospec has invested heavily in its research division to develop innovative solutions to get the most out of diesel fuel. This starts with treating fuel at the refinery and progresses all the way through to the fuel retail centres. Innospec works with fuel manufacturers globally to differentiate their product to suit the local market. Specific additives are matched to specific requirements, whether it’s for use in trucks, cars, buses, farm machinery, trains, mining plant or ships.

Innospec’s investment in research extends beyond its own team to university partnerships, Dr Jim Barker explained: “At Innospec we work in partnership with world leading UK universities and research organisations around the world, circulating ideas, sharing knowledge and carrying out tests using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Our aim is simple. We want to keep moving the world forward with innovative fuel additive technology.”

After collaborating on many internationally renowned published papers on diesel fuel additives, Dr Jim Barker understands how to solve issues with fuel economy, emissions and downtime. Why not read more and download a recent SAE paper – Investigations of diesel injector deposits characterization and testing.

>> SAE published September 2020