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Improving Skin Appearance

MARITECH® REVERSE and MARITECH® BRIGHT are extracted from sustainably harvested seaweed. The unique extraction processes used to create the MARITECH® products ensure optimum chemical integrity to assure performance and consistency. These unique extracts not only protect and soothe the skin but also reduce the appearance of skin aging.

Our range includes:


Fucus vesiculosus extract

MARITECH® BRIGHT is a clinically proven skin brightening ingredient that significantly increases radiance and reduces the pigmentation of age spots. MARITECH® BRIGHT is extracted from the polyphenol-rich macroalgae Fucus vesiculosus and delivers benefits not found in any other natural skincare ingredient. MARITECH® BRIGHT combines fucoidan with algal polyphenols, renowned for its powerful antioxidant activity, making it an effective and versatile ingredient for brightening and anti-aging applications.


Undaria pinnatifida extract

MARITECH® REVERSE is a high-purity fucoidan extract developed specifically for anti-aging formulations. Derived from the Undaria pinnatifida species of seaweed, this unique natural ingredient has been shown to inhibit many of the key enzymes responsible for skin damage. This unique extract is COSMOS organic certified and delivers a powerful combination of protective, soothing and anti-aging properties in one natural ingredient.