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Hydrotropes are used to adjust the viscosity in a formulation as well as enable control of foaming characteristics.

Our range includes:


Sodium Cumenesulfonate

ELTESOL® SC 40 is an aqueous solution of a sodium cumene sulphonate. This product acts as a hydrotrope and may be used to increase the solubility of other compounds. In conjunction with non-ionic surfactants, it will raise the cloud point of the solution allowing clear liquids to be obtained at higher temperatures, enabling additional control of the foaming characteristics and performance. It may also be used to reduce the viscosity of concentrated surfactants and formulations.


Sodium Xylenesulfonate

ELTESOL® SX 40 is an aqueous solution of sodium toluene sulphonate. This product is an example of a hydrotrope, which when dissolved in water will assimilate molecules of other normally insoluble compounds. They, therefore, act as solubilizers, coupling agents and viscosity modifiers in liquid formulations.