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Multi-Purpose Solutions

Specialist knowledge and expertise, no matter what the application

Our dedicated Heating Specialties team are experts in the global heating oil market, supplying a range of products that deliver performance enhancements. We offer established experience in light heating oil (LHO) systems and work closely with LHO producers looking to offer a premium, high performance LHO.

We combine proven oil additive technology with the latest research and development at our state-of-the-art testing facility in Germany to supply a range of fuel additives that improve combustion reliability, lower costs and reduce subsequent maintenance.

Tailored to your specific application needs, our multi-purpose packages integrate customized formulations that offer multiple application benefits in heating oil systems:

  • Optimum low temperature performance
  • Improve fuel stability and reduced degradation
  • Reduce sediment deposits
  • Inhibit pipework corrosion
  • Mask fuel oil odors
  • Prevent bacterial growth in the heating oil system.